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moshi monsters
If you haven't heard of  moshi monsters yet you seriously need to get over there and try it. Mohsi is like a virtual pet game and a virtual world game all mix up together. If you like games like poptropica and neopets then you will love moshimonsters twice as much LOL!

When you first start out in moshi monsters you will first need to adopt your first pet--this can be fun because you get to choose what kind of monster you want. After you have done this you will then get to customize your pet.

Next will be characterizing your room, YES you get your very own moshi monsters room for your pet--here you can organize things and even have your friends from the game to come over and visit! After you have done all of these things you will then be able to explore the world and start getting rich and getting more cool stuff!

Some of the stuff that I had trouble with when I first started playin gmoshi monsters was that I didn't know exactly how I could get a lot of Rox quickly enough. After playing for a while I soon discovered a few tricks of my own but found that probably the beset way to get things done was to search around the net for the best hints and tips.

After visiting a few sites I found the trick that I use mostly now to get all the rox I need to do all the things that I like to do--like right at this very moment I am trying to get all of the Moshlings into my monsters room. This is done by using different seed combinations to attract them. These combinations can also be found by doing a quick search and checking some cool cheat sites.

Finally here is the main trick that I use in order to get Rox. I just go to the cart near the market and buy a whole bunch of seeds (you need a minimum of 3) and then go back home and plant them. After they have grown you can then just dig them back up and get all of your rox--it is a quicker process if you log out and log back in after waiting some.


Here you can see that all the moshlings available in the game have been organized into one single video! Some of these are only available to full paying members so you should probably check up on that--speaking of which--in order to get a full list of free member moshlings and what seed combinations you need to get them you can go here-->moshi monsters moshlings cheats

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